Engraved Glass Quilt

Published by Ainsley Francis on

Dear Frauenau Meeting Friends and Survivors!

Soon there will be more information and loads of new pictures about the meeting on our  website. Also soon there will be confirmation of the dates of the forthcoming glass engraving symposium at Kamenicky Senov in
September 2014. I need Ainsley’s help in doing this and she may be on her way home to Canada for Christmas as I write, so please be patient!

In the meantime, here are pictures of our glass squares that Wilhelm has kindly framed and presented – one to Bild Werk and the other to the Glass Museum at Frauenau – so you are already doubly famous!

Particular thanks to Wilhelm for his hard work cutting out the glass for us and then for putting it all together – Superman! Wilhelm and Anne Wenzel have just sent me loads of pictures which will soon be on the website. Thank you both.

Thank you all for participating and for making it such a warm, friendly and productive event!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! See you in Coburg and see you at
Kamenicky Senov


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