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Assessment for Craft Membership

The Guild of Glass Engravers will be holding exhibitions at Morley Gallery, London in October 2014 and at the Red House Glass Cone, Stourbridge, in May 2015, during the International Festival of Glass and British Glass Biennale.

If you are already a Guild Student Member or a Lay Member and would like to have the opportunity to exhibit your work at these exhibitions, please contact the Guild Administrator (info below).   If you are not a member of the Guild, but might be considering joining the Guild, please do so, as once you are a member you can go for assessment and then be able to exhibit at Guild exhibitions.

You need to be a fully assessed Craft Member of the Guild to show at a Guild exhibition. For those interested in becoming Craft Members of the Guild of Glass Engravers, there will be a London Assessment Day on Saturday 3rd May 2014. It will be part of the regular London Branch meeting. If you are not a member of the Guild yet, and interested in attaining Craft Membership in the Guild, or if you have any other questions about the assessment process, send an email to Patricia Hilton-Robinson at patricia@hilton-robinson.co.uk. Overseas members need only send good quality pictures of their work and one sample – again, contact Patricia.

Guild exhibitions do have a selection procedure. Craft membership means you are eligible to submit work for selection. If selected you will be showing your work alongside the very best.

The next London based assessment day after the meeting on 3rd May will not take place until November 2014, which will be too late for inclusion in the October show at Morley Gallery. For further information on Craft Membership assessment, see www.gge.org.uk  – members section – guild procedures – assessment for craft membership. Please complete the application form send it to the Guild’s address with your £20 fee.

To join the Guild, see the Guild website or write the Guild Administrator at the following address:

The Guild of Glass Engravers
c/o Broadfield House Glass Museum
Compton Drive
West Midlands

Telephone – +44 (0)7834549925

Email – enquiries@gge.org.uk

New members and exhibitors are especially welcome in the Guild!

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