Many Thanks to Jane Dorner and Lobmeyr

Published by Ainsley Francis on

Our ‘Gravur on Tour’ exhibition has launched in Stourbridge and is supported by a wonderful full colour catalogue. This was only made possible by the generous help of Jane Dorner who did the entire layout for us for free and the Glasmuseum Frauenau who have helped with the printing costs. When asked what she would like as a thank you gift, Jane said “A Lobmeyr champagne glass!”.

In the 1930s Jane’s young Jewish parents escaped Prague with a pair of Lobmeyr champagne glasses which Jane still has, so we thought it would be great to give her two more. It is quite astonishing that Lobmeyr still produces almost identical glass, nearly 80 years on. After all those changes of personnel, factory conditions and history it is testament to their lasting quality and consistency. The glasses came as a generous gift entirely from Lobmeyr on our behalf.

A fine bottle of champagne was added by Katharine so that Jane can have something to put in the glasses for the next family celebration. Many thanks for your very generous support Jane, and to you, Leonid Rath, at Lobmeyr’s. We do hope you will be pleased by the pleasure you have given us all.

You can purchase a catalogue at the Redhouse Glass Cone in Stourbridge, UK

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