Interview with Pavlína Čambalová

With the upcoming School of Jiří Harcuba taking place in Sázava, we thought it would be interesting to hear from it’s leader, Pavlína Čambalová.

Glass Engraving Network: What draws you to engraving as your preferred creative medium?

Pavlína Čambalová: For me it’s the easiest way to put ideas and thoughts to a piece of glass. There are so many ways I can choose from. In my work I find it very important to capture the atmosphere, the spirit of the theme I’m working on. I feel the object is a part of space, it should be designed for a special place and it needs the right installation, light, and surroundings. Also, the object and its surface – are not 2 separate parts! They must be one, to communicate, to create harmony. I often glue engraving between two pieces of glass to make it feel like it had grown with the whole thing. I combine techniques, but I want the engraving to feel like the most important information in the object.


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