GRAVUR ON TOUR : Glashütte Gernheim : 1st Graal Workshop

With Ella Varvio and Henriikka Pöllänen

Hi there, we had the most exciting week at Glashütte Gernheim! We both traveled from Finland to join the opening of Gravur on Tour exhibition – and to attend the workshop following week. We were really impressed about the versatile artworks at the exhibition -and also about the possibilities that the museum’s studios offered. It was great to meet fellow artists and to get to know the museum and the studios.

Gravur on Tour – Glashütte Gernheim 19.03. – 09.09.2023

We had the possibility to create artworks with Graal technique according to our own designs. Graal technique is neat in a sense that it combines different craft techniques : glassblowing, glasscutting and glass engraving. We were assisted by the team of true glass professionals : Heikko Schulze Höing, Korbinian Stöckle and Rasit Rejwan Toplu. Time flew fast, but the week offered great opportunity for testing new ideas and shapes.

Here’s some pics from the amazing place with both glassblowing studio and room for coldworking and engraving :

Our new pieces will join Gravur on Tour exhibition at museum’s Herrenhaus building. The exhibition runs until 9th of September and is definitely worth visiting!

Many thanks to all who made the workshop week possible : Glass Engraving Network, Glashutte Gernheim’s museum’s staff and museum director Katrin Holthaus, and the amazing studio team that we already mentioned.

Best of luck for the exhibition and following workshops!

– Ella & Henriikka