DNA – Nancy Sutcliffe

DNA – Nancy Sutcliffe

Image of DNA – Nancy Sutcliffe

04 Mar 2020 – 28 Mar 2020

The Scottish Gallery welcomes back Nancy Sutcliffe for her second solo exhibition. DNA is a personal exploration of the common genetic heritage of living things and our origin in the stars. Nancy’s wheel and drill engraved glass pieces are highly detailed and are gilded with 24ct gold, caplain gold and palladium leaf.

“I became a glass engraver after a career as a scientific and medical illustrator. I find I have come full circle and my subject matter today is informed by that training in precision and attention to naturalistic detail. I use a handheld drill in much the same way as I used to use a pencil though now, using diamonds and stones, I am able to carve deeply into the crystal bringing the illusion of 3D.

For this new collection, I have taken inspiration from the beauty and complexity of gene sequencing charts, the cosmos, and the species of plants and animals that share our world. The pieces here trace the connections between organisms through our shared DNA; the focus is on the similarities between a seemingly diverse collection of cells, plants and animals, all constructed from the same chemical building blocks, all related.”

Click for the beautiful catalogue. https://issuu.com/scottishgallery/docs/dna_lookbook_2020_hires