Important dates Coburg

Important dates Coburg

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Upcoming exhibition „Back on Tour“ will be held at the European Museum of Modern Glass in Rödental. This museum is part of the art collections of the Veste Coburg.

Formal opening of „Back on Tour“ at 6.30pm on Thursday 7th May

The Finissage is on Saturday, 8th November 2020

“The new Back on Tour exhibition in the European Museum of Modern Glass means the Coburg audience will be introduced to the art of contemporary glass engraving and cutting in all its forms for the first time. Work by 43 artists will provide a comprehensive insight into their art and working methods; noteworthy are the variety of exhibited works, the different artistic approaches and the countless stories that can be discovered in thes objects. I am delighted to be able to exhibit thes works of art and I hope that the Glass Engraving Network, which has been very active for several years, will receive the attention it deserves”.
Sven Hauschke, Director Kunstsammlungen der Veste Coburg and Curator Works of Art.